Sunday, August 17, 2008

Test For Echo

With everyone else busy on this August morning, Louise decided to demo some boats. We've been suffering through a mini-heatwave the last few days, and although it seemed like it could have been a good day for a "real" paddle with a few hours of sunshine in the middle of the day, the weather pattern was breaking down as the early morning was cloudy and cool, and unexpected thunderheads drifted through our area in the afternoon, announcing their arrival with the occasional rolling thunderclap. (In fact, one is driftung through right now, with more than just the occasional thunderclap, so I better finish this quick!)

With the help of the fine folks at Ocean River, Louise is trying out a Current Design Solstice GTS.

She went about 30m, turned around, and came back. She didn't like. It's no reflection on the boat, as it's a good, solid boat. She just didn't feel comfortable in it.

Next she got into a Delta Seventeen...

...and promptly took off like a rocket.
"Well," the clerk said to me as we watched Louise aim for the horizon, "this looks like an easy decision between these two boats."
"Yeah," I said. "Just look at her smile."
"And her body language," the clerk said. "She's like totally relaxed in that boat, totally different from the other one where she was all tensed up."

Has Louise found her next boat? Tune in again next time for another thrilling chapter of As the Kayak Rolls.

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