Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chatham or Discovery...

4 pictures for you
Richard, Alison, Paula, John and I had decided we'd go to Discovery Island this Sunday. Here's Richard heading out from Cadboro Bay in the first fog bank that rolled in. We figured this would blow away very quickly.

4 pictures for you
Paula was having fun in the fog and with some wind there was some rather interesting wave motion.

7 pictures for you
The first fog bank blew away, only to be followed by another one. This one closed around us, blocking Alison and Richard who'd headed out already while Paula and I waited for John to capture photos of the otters. My own otter photos did not turn out, I was too far away.

a picture for you
Richard and Alison were also getting photos of the fog bank, while Paula took the opportunity to do some kayak exercising. At least I think she is, could be she's practicing kayak emergency signalling.

4 pictures for you
Yup, Paula's definately doing kayak emergency signalling!

Alas, I forgot to follow the photographer's rule...remember to charge your battery before going kayaking. Anyone reading this will have to check out the rest of our paddle adventures from John's post and photos.

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