Sunday, August 03, 2008

Chain Islands

Alison, Paula, John and I headed out from Telegraph Bay on August 3rd for a paddle out to the Chain Islands, planning on catching the currents there and back as long as the current cooperated.

The Baynes Channel current was running, not as the usual freight train but enough for Paula and I to stick near shore, and Alison to be daring and get much closer, with John trailing her. I'm still "chicken" in a 14.5 kayak but with my eye on that Delta 16.5 I just might be more willing to venture out.

I wanted to get a shot of Paula's new "I'm not rolling" contraption, better known as the wheels she used to get her kayak to Telegraph Bay from the Beach House.

There were seals on every rock in the Chain Islands. It was hard to keep a distance between us and the wildlife. We paddled as quickly as we could so they could go back to basking on the rocks.
a picture for you

Not often we get shots of John on the blog that aren't taken by him. I took this photo of John heading back to Telegraph Bay after a great day of paddling using the unbirthday gift he gave me this weekend; his former waterproof digital camera.

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