Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Poopy Paddle

A rare Tuesday on the water in the month of August. This was the end of a scorching week of hot weather, and the August long weekend. An extra loooonnng one for us working folk. We decided to paddle on the Gorge Waterway into Portage Inlet. With all the bird traffic in the Gorge and the hot weather this turned into a rather poopy paddle.
5 pictures for you
Here's Paula in her inflatable which is brought with her on the bus!

5 pictures for you
John paddles under the Craigflower Bridge. Note his coordinated outfit of different shades of yellow, matching his yellow gear and accenting his blue kayak. Very chic!!
5 pictures for you
We paddled up the Craigflower Creek to Helmcken Bridge. This is John and Paula heading back to Portage Inlet.

Another fun day on the water as we head back under the Craigflower Bridge to our parked vehicle.

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