Sunday, August 31, 2008

Au Revoir

It's with heavy hearts that we say au revoir to Alison who, just like in this picture, is paddling off to the mysterious East...
...well, Montréal... not so mysterious, I guess. And she's not paddling, but flying.
The point is that we have enjoyed her kayaking companionship, and we will surely miss it.
The good news is that her kayak will remain here in Victoria and she plans to visit it. And we hear that she's investigating the locations of folding kayak shops in Montréal, so maybe we'll see a paddle report or two from la belle province on the blog one of these days....

Into the Sun
Bonne chance, Alison!


  1. Merci!

    Spare time for this last week and too much of the weekend has been devoted to dreadfully banal things like finding beds and lights and chairs and pots and vegetables. I'm still waiting for home Internet, so am typing this from a library computer. But a visit to Canada Portable Kayaks is on the cards ... stay tuned.


  2. Glad to hear that you made out there okay! Say hi to my sister! :)
    Let us know how your visit to Canada Portable Kayaks goes...!