Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sooke Basin

Sunday dawned windy and rainy. And worse, one by one, all the regular paddlers dropped out. Oh, they claimed to have valid excuses -- Dennis is out of the country, and Bernie is dead. Or sick. I dunno, I forget.
But Louise and I were undaunted. Most would cancel their paddle plans and go shopping at this point. Not us! Bad weather and wimpy paddle buddies weren't going to stop us! Sooke Basin, here we come!

A 45 minute drive took us to Sooke, a small village on the West Coast. I used to live in Sooke, but this was before I was a paddler. The basin seems smaller than I remember it. Or maybe the tide is out.

The scenery is wonderful, and the view out of my kayak just can't be beat!

There wasn't much wildlife, except for a lone seal that came up beside my kayak.

He hung around for a while...

...and he was very friendly!

The mountains across the strait were high-peaked and snowcapped.

It was a long, long paddle. But we had thought ahead and stopped for a little picnic on a beach before heading home.

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  1. ... and I took one look at your TV screen and could identify show, episode, actor and fuzzy costars. One of those days I'm going to need those neurons that got dedicated to Star Trek before I was eleven years old.