Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shortie, Farmer Jane, Individual Pieces?--or how to buy a wetsuit

This article contains adult content and may not be suitable for some readers.

My partner, John, owns a shortie wetsuit and a Farmer John. My friend, Paula, has a shortie. The rest of our paddling group either has purchased their wetsuits or are in the process. I've purchased a few items and at the suggestion of John, decided individual pieces would be best and offer more mix and match options as we do paddle all year round.

On Sunday May 14 John and I made the anticipated journey to Mountain Equipment Co-op to do some shopping. I had already purchased a short sleeved wetsuit top and was thinking shorts or pants would be my main purchase. Found a pair, a few other items of clothing and headed off to the change rooms; John was to follow to assist me in ensuring I had selected the proper wetsuit pants. Unfortunately the line up for the change rooms was short when I got there, but it grew very quickly and I never did find John. That was ok, I had excellent help from the young male MEC employee, who asked me various questions and we determined I had a great fit. Which I must say I had to admit myself!! I was thinking that trying on a wetsuit would be much like the dreaded bathingsuit issue. Not in the least, and I now know why women in the 50s and 60s wore restrictive girdles!!! I'm curveous, and the wetsuit pants hugged my butt and flattened my tummy and I thought I looked hot!

I tried the other items on and then it was time to get out of the wetsuit pants. I know wearing a wetsuit is hot and sweaty but I only wore the pants for all of about 20 minutes! Trying to get them off wasn't easy!!

The other night I decided to try on the pants with my new top and add my new shoes. Hey I'm a woman I have to try on the whole outfit. But first.......although I'm originally "from" Victoria, I've lived on the prairies as well. A temp of 25 is warm for me; a temp of 27-35 is hot, and you learn really fast how to keep your clothes from sticking to you. I think every home in Manitoba has a large container of baby powder, and I still have one myself only it is a grown up version from Lush Cosmetics called Silky Underwear. I've used it a few times this week in this warm weather and it was doing so that made me think it would work to keep me dry in my wetsuit.

The experiment was successful!! 35 minutes of wearing my wetsuit around the house, jumping around to get warm, and it peeled off with ease and I was still dry.

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