Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sooke Basin launch map

Hi paddlers!
We're talking about paddling Sooke Basin, tomorrow, May 7, meeting at nine am.

The launch place is a parking lot at Cooper Cove, park right off the Sooke Highway 14. Remember the Tire Store when you're nearly to Sooke? After that is a big turn to the right and downhill slope. At the bottom of the slope there's a little bay on the left (muddy at low tide), and a small gravel parking lot between the highway and a large building (shaped like an old-fashioned house) that holds a trying-to-be fancy restaurant with a small wharf. On the wharf are a motorboat and a few kayaks. We park in the small gravel parking lot. See you there at nine, eh?
If you cross Ayum Creek and start to drive uphill again, you've gone too far and will soon be in Sooke village. Turn around.
We may end up paddling round to Roche Cove or even Anderson Cove and back.

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