Sunday, May 14, 2006

Vancouver Island Paddlefest 2006

Saturday was a gorgeous day! And we headed up the island to Ladysmith for Paddlefest, an annual kayaking and watersports show.

Would you trust this man driving? Some did and lived to tell the tale.

Ladysmith on the bay.

"Oh, look," said Louise and Bernie....


Paula and Bernie argue over how many kayaks they can fit into my van. (Apparently it will be my job to create a distraction.)

There were lectures, display booths, boat trials and contests. For instance, you could try firing a harpoon gun at the kayaks. First person to hit a kayak won a kevlar PFD. Paula liked this contest waaaaaay too much.

But seriously folks, Bernie did win a hat.

There was something for everyone here, even me!

Kayaks as far as the eye (or camera lens) can see!

Bernie tried this kayak trailer from Tony's Trailers. By coincidence, Bernie just happens to be pulling a Pamlico 100, the same model boat as his own. He said it was very easy to tow and ride around on.

Now here's something interesting. This kayak has a clear bottom so you can see the rocks as you scrape your hull along them. I suppose you could also look through the bottom at sea-life in shallow shores. The skirt also had a see-through panel. What a great idea!

And a fun time was had by all!

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