Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whale Smelling

Earlier today, Louise and I went out on our almost annual tradition of taking a whale watching tour. We were in a purpose-built whale catamaran from Five Star Whale Watching, but we weren't the only boat heading out to find some whales today, as some lucky people (like those below) were likely to get a slightly wetter experience.

We eventually crossed into American waters, and where's a better place to see an eagle?
_MG_2672 copy

And here's the whale!
_MG_2640 copy
A couple of minke whales appeared to be feeding, but they were very stealthy about it. They only popped up briefly a couple of times. We actually smelled them more than we saw them, and, oh boy, they smell. A brief whiff of rancid whale breath was all the captain needed to put the brakes on the boat so that we could check them out. (Yes, I know boats don't have actually have brakes. Please don't send emails.)

So we didn't see much in the way of whales. Nature does what nature will do, and not to our schedule. But we did see seals. Lots of seals.
_MG_2661 copy
_MG_2701 copy
_MG_2719 copy


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