Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PaddleFun Fest in Nanaimo May 16 & 17

Looks like the BC Marine Trails people are setting up to have a good time paddling in Nanaimo on May 16 and 17. They have sent out reminders of their PaddleFun Fest event, taking place at Departure Bay. Check out this link to see their website notice of the event, which looks like a lot of fun on the water and shore. You can also click here to go to the website for the proposed Nanaimo Boathouse, or click here to see the schedule and register.

Sorry that today's post has no new photographs. But hey, Departure Bay is a nice place to launch in Nanaimo. We've written about Departure Bay on the blog here, and there are some terrific photos that John took showing the bay and the area, so go read that page! Or you could click here to read our other posts mentioning Nanaimo in general, and those have photos.

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