Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Seattle Demonstration May 16

The demonstration in Seattle’s harbour on May 16 saw hundreds of activists assemble in an amazing kayak flotilla around Shell Oil's drilling rig which is headed for the Arctic. Mother Jones magazine has an article with several photos, some of which show traditional First Nations boats as well as kayaks and canoes.
Some wags have laughed at the absurdity of hundreds of kayakers protesting a fossil fuel drilling platform by driving to the protest in cars that burn fossil fuels, then in paddling in boats derived from petroleum products. It is worth observing that many of these paddlers launched from the local kayak rental places. I note as well that in this photo, two of the closest boats are Advanced Elements folding inflatable kayaks which are excellent for transporting on a bus or carpooling, and another is a home-built wooden kayak. (So there ;)

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