Thursday, May 21, 2015

Victoria paddlers find new paddle partner

There's a heartwarming story on CBC radio today, about a group of Victoria paddlers who found a message in a bottle while training in the Inner Harbour. The message said to please put the bottle back in the water -- "my last wish was to see the world." The bottle also contained dusty ashes and a photograph from a man's Celebration of Life. (The story is reminiscent of the National Film Board film Paddle to the Sea by legendary canoeist Bill Mason.)
The paddlers knew that currents in the harbour aren't likely to carry the bottle out right away, so they've resolved to bring the bottle with them when they leave on a paddling trip to Alaska. That seems like a good start to seeing the world!
Click here to read the story on CBC news, with quotes from Russell Henry and photos of the bottle and the paddling group. That page also has a link to the CBC Radio story, with an audio recording of All Points West show host Robyn Burns interviewing Russell Henry, and here you can find another news story with an embedded video.

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