Friday, May 15, 2015


These days, when thinking about the news of Freya Hoffmeister and her World Paddlers Award as well as Justine Curgenven's video Kayaking the Aleutians, I'm reminded of Jane Austen.
Yes, the novelist, who wrote Pride and Predjudice and Sense and Sensibility. No, really -- there's a connection between Austen and paddling. She was interested in small boats, after all, as you can see at this link. It was in her novel Persuasion, released in 1816 that she wrote:

"I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives."

Accordingly, here's the video trailer for Kayaking the Aleutians, showing two women not in calm waters.

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