Sunday, August 05, 2012

Test Drive

I don't do hot weather. It's not right to be breaking into a sweat just by typing a blog post. But we're knee-deep into a blast of hot air, and no, I don't mean there's a convention of politicians in town. Last year, we had a fan going in the house for only a total of three days. This year, we've had one going on and off for most of July, but this weekend with the humidex well into the mid-30s, we've had three going almost non-stop. Today looks to be a record breaker. If this is what global warming is going to be like, please count me out.
Ah, if it were only that easy.
Anyway, today Louise and I headed down to Ocean River so Louise could take out a Delta Sixteen on a test drive.
Here, Dennis from OR helps her get on her way, while an SUP lesson starts on the dock in the background.
She really loves this boat, and has done since she first sat in one.
Look at that smile -- she loves this boat! Is it her next boat? Stay tuned -- the answer may be forthcoming soon.
IMGP0373 - Copy


  1. Nothing more than a big smilie from me. BUY IT!!!!!

    1. The week ain't over yet...stay tuned! :)

    2. Need to trade in or sell red 17 Delta kayak.