Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kayak Building Workshops in Victoria

While I'm writing the blog post about my trip on the Red Deer River, I learned that the Monterey Recreation Centre in Oak Bay is hosting two workshops about building kayaks! This is tremendous news for people living near the greater Victoria area.
Have you been noticing that you'd like to have a light recreational kayak that really fits you? Have you been talking about someday making your own kayak? These might be the workshops for you. Or maybe one member of your paddling group is interested in learning how to make kayaks for friends. These kayaks look light enough to carry on foot for a mile without effort, something that really matters to me!
Recreation Oak Bay has listed the following information in their flyer:

How to Build Your Own Recreational Kayak
Join Russell Harris and Tracey Wagner in experiencing the world of fabric on frame rigid-hull kayak building. We teach you the steps and sensibilities involved in designing and building your own recreational kayak. This new and innovative method of constructing ultra-light designer kayaks creates personal one-of-a-kind
watercraft. This course outlines how we use modern technology matched with the Inuit cultural design. Includes an instruction manual.
108296 Sat 11am-5pm Sep 15 1/$120

Kayak Building with Russell Harris
3-Day Build Your Own Recreational Kayak Workshop
Come to an assisted building workshop series and build your own ultra-light, designer, watercraft. Over
the 3 sessions you will design, create and complete your own vessel. All materials and supplies included! Each class will take place on successive Saturdays over a 3-week period. Each boat is translucent and created with a low carbon foot print and includes a paddle. Course includes tribal marine sensibilities, orientation and cultural concepts. Each vessel is a functional piece of tribal art. Price is inclusive of the vessel [14 feet and under].
108295 Sat 11am-5pm   Sept 29-Oct 13   3days/$750

You can find the Monterey Recreation Centre on Monterey Avenue, half a block south of Oak Bay Avenue. There is good access by bus, bike, or car.
Monterey Recreation Centre
1442 Monterey Avenue
Victoria BC
Call 250-370-7300 or e-mail Program planner Janette Sproston at jsproston@oakbay.ca to book your place in either or both of these exciting workshops!
Reach them at their website at recreation.oakbay.ca

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