Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cadboro to Willows

Before lashing your kayak to your car, you should always go through your checklist and make sure you've got all your gear. Change of clothes, check. Paddle jacket, check. Hat, check. Cat, check. Wait...? Cat?
Well, no. Parker wasn't hoping to get packed up in our gear and "accidentally" get taken kayaking, he just wanted his people to stay and worship him.

Cloudy skies and a mild flood tide greeted Louise and I as we met Paula at Cadboro Bay for a relaxing paddle. Louise is enjoying her new kayak, The Green Monster. I want to call it The Green Monster, she wants to call it Kermit. But I digress.
IMGP0459 copy
We haven't had a chance to take The Green Monster to a lake yet to do some rescue practice with it (and that's coming next week), so we're sticking close to shore until then. So the plan was just a quick meander to Willows Beach.
IMG_1084 copy
IMGP0466 copy

A heron watched our progress...
....while some geese accompanied us.
IMGP0463 copy

I finally got a close look at the hovercraft that's been parked at the Oak Bay Marina for a while.
Looks like it could only fit one person, maybe two if they're very friendly.

There were a few seals around, but we gave them a wide birth today. But I did get a nice shot of this one as our paddle ended.
IMG_1095 copy
I think he's got a mustache!

Trip Length: 8.89 km
YTD: 108.99 km
More pictures are here.

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  1. The 4th photo really is great! I prefer angling kayaks myself, but still an amazing photo none the less!