Sunday, August 26, 2012


In what can only be described as a massive dereliction of duty, this week the Harper Government walked away from Federal Environmental assessments of thousands of propsed projects, almost 500 in just British Columbia alone, as a result of the changes it made to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.
Regular readers will recognize two projects mentioned on the this blog that no longer require a Federal Environmental Assessment. One is the Craigflower Bridge replacement, but the other is the more problematic and controversial mega-yatch marina proposed for the Inner Harbour, a plan that will see a marina built in Victoria's Inner Harbour to cater to dozens of huge yachts and which threatens to squeeze kayakers and paddlers of all sorts out of the Harbour altogether.
The mind boggles at the utter irresponsibility of this government, which is rushing at breakneck speed to turn this country into a ravaged tailings pond, the ruined leftovers of a dirty petro-orgy of strip mining, fracking and utter lack of foresight. The Prime Minister seems hellbent on turning most of his home province into a moonscape to get at some of the dirtiest oil on the planet, all for the sake of quick profit from an unsustainable energy source whose use will hasten disastrous environmental destruction.
I am speechless. I truly am.

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