Sunday, August 12, 2012

Apparently, It's Easy Being Green After All

Albert Head
A gloriously sunny day. Totally flat water. A (almost) new green kayak.
Louise and I put in at Albert Head Park for a paddle around Albert Head to Witty's Lagoon. Low tide so we knew we wouldn't be entering the Lagoon itself, but would be stopped by sandbars at its entrance.

This was Louise's first outing in her new to her green Delta Sixteen after trading in her old Delta Seventeen. It's clear from her comments on the water today that the Seventeen was totally the wrong boat for her. She clearly enjoys a boat with greater primary stability and the soft chine of her new boat fits her needs more than the sharp chine of the Seventeen. She's a happy kayaker now!
IMG_0982 copy

Just off the rocky beach at Albert Head, seals lazed about on a couple of small islets.
IMG_0995 copy

We paddled past more seals....
IMG_0998 copy
...until we reached the entrance to the lagoon.

We poked around the entrance, as well as some islands off-shore, but as I suspected we kept encountering sandbars just below the surface that blocked our further passage.
A heron watch us paddle by.
IMG_1018 copy

Heading back, a pair of deer looked down on us. There were three in total, a mom and two fawns.
IMG_1031 copy

We took a little shortcut through the end of the head that we unimaginatively call The Shortcut.

Paddle #1 with the green machine is a success! Looking forward to paddle #2!

Trip Length: 9.22 km
YTD: 93.25 km
More pictures are here.

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