Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Paddling Neighbours

Kayaking in the winter is the best part of a cold day! I was glad to get out on the water this mid-week morning.

It was good to see that I wasn't the only one. Beth and other SISKA members were getting ready to launch at Gyro Park. This week, their regular Wednesday morning paddle was launching in Cadboro Bay. Of course, they were properly geared-up in drysuits, pogues and all, with their sea kayaks. I hope they had a good time, cuz the weather was certainly right for it -- not too cold and no breeze to speak of.

I was out for only an hour in my little inflatable, in my shortie wetsuit and a merino wool sweater. As a concession to the morning's frozen puddles I had neoprene soft shoes and the cold weather cap that spends most of the year clipped inside my PFD. Out around Flower Island and back, no sea monsters this time.

It was good to see the usual neighbours: geese and coots and herons and seagulls, hooded Merganser ducks. Dogs were racing around the arbutus trees on one waterfront property, where the owner was doing chores. Always nice to see people on the shoreline.
Even the cops patrolling the end of Cadboro Bay Beach where there's access to Telegraph Bay Road, which was blocked today by crime scene tape.

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