Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Ducky

We had planned for a paddle out to Discovery Island today. The currents were perfect for a nice paddle out to the island, but the weather changed on us and a cold weather front came in overnight. We woke up to below zero wind chills and a 20+ kmh breeze. Which isn't to say that some people didn't go kayaking today - we saw at least seven vehicles with kayak racks parked at Gyro Park as no doubt many paddlers ventured out to play in Baynes Channel, but, as noted here before, we're wimpy paddlers. (And it wasn't all fun and games out there today -- a pair of men in a dinghy were lucky to be rescued in nearby Oak Bay when they got dumped later in the day. They were out setting crab traps but the crabs almost got their revenge.)
We went for coffee, then went for a short walk to nearby Mystic Pond.
A number of creeks run into this pond, smack dab in the middle of this urban residential area. The creeks and pond are under a covenant -- homeowners are not allowed to alter the course of the streams or the pond, thus ensuring the survival of this urban oasis.
This is an important little spot for the local wildlife. Many of the local herons that I take pictures of when we kayak out of nearby Cadboro Bay nest here at Mystic Pond. Without trying hard, we counted at a dozen heron nests just in one tree.
But the herons weren't around today, only mallard ducks. So we left the ducks to the pond, while we planned another kayaking trip on a less windy day.


  1. You must have walked right by Killarney kayak Base! It is nice having the pond nearby. One of the Heron nesting trees came down in the winter winds...

  2. Yes, we did. Must be nice to live that close to the ocean! I see you took out the kaboose this weekend -- I take it that it worked well?