Sunday, January 02, 2011

Looking at GearJunkie

The SPOT devices that our paddle group uses have an interesting connection. The SPOT company has teamed up with to bring users of SPOT devices together. So I went over to the GearJunkie website today to see what it was.
Not a bad website at all, for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and is willing to admit to a fascination for the various bits of gear that make said activities a wee bit more convenient. Not all the gear is expensive electronic devices like the SPOT (oi! anything that costs more than taking three friends out for fish & chip dinner is expensive to me). The guy at the centre of GearJunkie had a giveaway over the Christmas season that endeared him to me. Check here for the page on his website describing the winner of a free kayak, and how the new kayaker intends to use his new boat.
Now, if you'll excuse me, it's sunny and bright and I want to go out to look at the water.
The bay was beautiful as the daylight faded. The cone of Mt Rainier was dimly visible! And earlier, I saw Mt Baker while walking home from the library, so this was another Two Volcano Day. Only my cough kept me off the water ... I'll be paddling in the morning.

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