Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Best Part of My Day

Kayaking really is the best part of any day. A good day, a bad day, a busy day or a slow one -- any kind of day is better when I can get on the water.
Good evening and welcome to Day 4 of the migraine; not a "pain" migraine, but a "stupid" migraine. Though my coordination is the pits at this kind of time, that's not a problem with the nice wide stable inflatable kayak I use most days. Ya gotta lean waaaayyy over to tip this puppy.
Sleeping late, lounging around like a day with the 'flu, and a nice warm bath after kayaking equals feeling pretty good. Can't do everything, but doing what I can is good. And I can still paddle 4 klicks an hour even on a foggy head day. No real fog on the water, though. The overcast came down to the ridge full of big Douglas fir trees at the top of Mystic Vale, and it looked foggy there, caught in the trees. A slow ebb current kept things changing at the shoreline, even though the ocean and sky looked static and gray. My boat was the only colour from the beach out to Flower Island and back, till I saw an arbutus and a kingfisher.

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