Monday, January 10, 2011

Antarctica Dreams

Today we have a special guest blogger. Late last year, my sister took the cruise of a lifetime to Antarctica. One of the activities was kayaking among the icebergs and she has graciously provided a small write-up and some pictures. And so with many thanks I say, take it away, sis:

Antarctica. WOW. Not enough words to adequately describe this incredible and beautiful location. Pictures can show the expanse, the vivid colours, the fun and lovable animals, the mountains et cetera, but they will never capture the 360 degree view, the warmth of the sun, the chill of the wind, or what is felt deep inside. It was the dream of my lifetime and I shall be forever changed by it.

Among the activities we were able to participate in (and there were some very different and fun ones) were kayaking, zodiac cruises and shore landings. What made them exceptional was the fact that we were blessed with fabulous weather that kept up for most of the trip. The organization of getting 150 people geared up and into the zodiacs and kayaks worked like a fine-tuned machine.

The zodiac rides were exhilarating and the kayak excursions were special moments in time. Although we would have loved to travel further afield while kayaking, we had to keep within certain boundaries and the captain would let the crew know if he was getting nervous with our adventurous ways.
For the times we were in the water, it was like kayaking on glass or a mirror. Crystal clear reflections as we paddled our way through and around turqoise colored icebergs, sunning penquins and lazing seals. Everywhere we went, the scenery was overwhelming.
At one point, a zodiac from the ship made its way among the kayakers bearing gifts - hot chocolate and Baileys. Talk about unreal!

Hope that you enjoy the pictures. Never give up on your dreams.

A technical note: the kayaks used were Aire Sea Tigers.


  1. You know, after hearing reports of the cruise ship that had to be rescued in alaska, I remember thinking "what kind of fool would take that trip?" But after reading this, I'm actually tempted...

  2. Just returned from this region getting around for 3 days in a big hybrid..Amazing to experience the waters

  3. Did you know that Leopard Seals prefer yellow inflatables as the "bun" for their human hot dogs, '+)

  4. These photos make for good memories plus they give readers a good idea of what this kind of trip is like. Particularly impressive was the zodiac and kayak organization.