Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wind on the Water

Here's a cool site I found over at Kayak Succor. It's WindOnTheWater.com and will give constantly updated reports of the wind speeds in your area.
Here's what the wind in our local area is doing this evening:


  1. Hey John.. I like that site too, but I should point out.. that's for onshore winds only. If you're looking for offshore winds, I'd reccomend downloading UGRIB or have a look at big wave dave's wind models. They're both hypnotizing. On big wave dave's there'a time selector in the top corner. in Ugrib you just set the area you want to look at. Never can have too much weather info :)



  2. Actually, it does show offshore winds, although admittedly not in the screenshot I took.
    But you're right, the more info the better!