Sunday, December 14, 2008

Paula's Busy Weekend

Oh sure, other people may go kayaking, but for Paula, things always take a different turn. Yesterday (Saturday 13 Dec), she decided to go out for a quick refreshing spin around Cadboro Bay in her Dragonfly. And while she's out in the bay, she spots a canoe dinged up and sunk to the gun'els. Pulling out her throw line, she ties on and hauls the canoe to the beach, where she meets Mona Lisa (who lives in the house fronting the beach) and, long story short, gifts Mona and her significant other with a salvaged canoe.
Today (Sunday 14 Dec) we went out on the beach looking for a stairway. Someone had overfilled the ocean, leaving us with very little beach. While we were walking through the uncharacteristic snow and below zero temperatures, we spot something in the water.

Yup, that's a kayak. Didn't look like one at first, but once we saw the red of the upper deck, it was pretty clear. This was a kayak in trouble. And, if you know us, that's just going to be the beginning of the story.

It was late, getting dark, and cold. The fastest way to get this kayak salvaged was for Paula to go out in her Dragonfly. She got changed, and I carried her boat down to the water through the (very cold, very strong) wind, and she prepped her lines. I don't fit in the Dragonfly (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!), so it would be up to Paula to get a line onto the bow of the sunken boat.

After some struggles with the wind and line, Paula got attached and hauled the other end back to me on the shore (it's true, I'm the muscle, she's the brains). It took a little while, and the sky kept getting darker while the wind kept a-blowin'. Thankfully it wasn't kicking up too much chop--the wind was coming more from the north, which doesn't let it get too frisky with the water in Cadboro Bay. Eventually, I got my hands on the line and slowly dragged the sunken kayak into shore.

Brutally heavy, filled with water, it took quite a while to get it up on the beach. It didn't help that once the water was out, I was still trying to move a boat with 20 kilos of wet sand in it.
We tied the boat off to a log--hoping the wind doesn't shift while the tide is still in--so it doesn't get pulled back out. I wasn't in a real hurry to haul it back to the house, and there's a reason for that.

Yeah, the bottom is badly damaged in at least three places. Once the cold weather settles down (probably not tomorrow), I'll head back down to it and see if I want to repair it. Or maybe just salvage the skeg setup out of it. I wouldn't complain about another kayak in the quiver, but I have to guard against having for the sake of having--after all, that's how I got our latest kayak....

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