Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Paddling Weather Stats

60 paddles were documented on the blog this year. The weather stats break down like this:
45% of our paddles were on sunny days;
31% were on cloudy days;
8% were on rainy/stormy days;
4% were on foggy days;
2% were on snowy days;
and 10% were canceled due to bad weather.

image (1)

The weather was much improved with more sunny day paddles this year over last year. Most forms of inclement weather went down this year, including cloudy days, rainy days and foggy days. Snowy days did rise slightly, but even though most of December turned into a near total wash out due to very unusual cold and snowy conditions, we still had fewer bad weather cancellations than last year. (And what crazy weather it was. On December 23, Victoria had more snow on the ground than any any other urban centre in Canada. And more than the North Pole. Santa felt right at home here as we enjoyed only our fifth white Christmas since 1965. I shoveled snow for 90 minutes on Christmas Day. Bing Crosby has been moved to the top of my "list." But I digress.)
Next year will be the fifth year I've tracked paddling weather stats, and that should be a large enough sample (even if it is mostly subjective) to track averages.
So tune in next year!

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