Monday, December 08, 2008

One of Those Days

There was no group paddle yesterday (although rumour has it that Paula was going to go for a quickie solo jaunt around Caddy Bay). The weather was cool and breezy but not overly so, but Louise and I both had achy shoulders that were nagging us so we decided that giving kayaking a miss this week might be beneficial. In my case, my bad shoulder/arm had been bugging me for a couple of days when suddenly on Thursday, it just gave out on me. I couldn't lift my arm past my shoulder and it felt just about as useless as it did when I was in therapy after my accident. Weird, man.
I thought that I might have slept on it funny for a couple of nights, so Thursday night I carefully arranged my pillows under my arm as my physio therapist first showed many months ago, and had a very restful sleep, and my arm felt much better. Today, it's pretty much back to normal, or whatever passes for normal for my shoulder these days.
But it wasn't a completely kayak-free weekend, as Louise, Paula and I met up with Mike Jackson on Saturday for coffee, chatting and kayak yakking.

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