Thursday, December 11, 2008

Odds 'n' Sods

Here's some odds 'n' sods.
First up, here's a story about a kayak store owner who took a new model kayak out for a quick trial paddle. Since it was to be a quick and spontaneous paddle, he neglected to bring along the usual full compliment of safety gear. (Now don't get ahead of me.) All was fine until he flipped in a wave, and for some reason couldn't roll the boat. Only after he wet-exited did he discover that his paddle float and bilge pump were still back at his house. Oops. All ended fine, but it's a good reminder.
And here is a great site called Cape Falcon Kayak. This is a company that builds kayaks and also offers classes in kayak building, but there's also a lot of great articles. Here is a series of photos about building a kayak from driftwood. Here he takes a jigsaw to an old Vulcan surf boat and turns it into a crazy stealth wave rider. There's tons of great pictures on this site. If you like Greenland kayaks, check it out.

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