Friday, March 14, 2008

This Hits the SPOT

Paula was recently coveting the SPOT Satellite Messenger, a handheld device that can send an emergency signal over satellite to rescue services. It's a nifty gadget and should be considered as part of your gear, especially if you're doing a lot of distance paddling.
It's now available locally at London Drugs ($169.99), and Mike Jackson tested one out on the Sooke Basin.

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  1. I first saw the SPOT device on West Marine's website, so I'm guessing that local branches of that store would either have it or get it in for you.
    The thing I like about the SPOT more than a personal emergency beacon is that it has three buttons, not just one panic button. You can press OK to send ten friends a pre-written note with a link to your GPS location. Pressing HELP sends them a pre-written note saying you needs some help, with your location. Pressing 911 contacts not only them but local emergency services with your location.
    I like that this gizmo has a function for ordinary good days.