Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ocean River Gear Up Sale

It was a cloudy but beautiful morning that greeted us on our latest paddle.

We put in at the Ocean River parking lot for their annual spring Gear Up sale. It was Louise, Richard, Paula and myself today.

Louise immediately began checking out some of the sights.

Here she checks out the new 17 foot Delta kayak. She asked Mark of Delta Kayaks if he was giving away any free sample kayaks. Sadly, he forgot them again this year.

I circled around this Current Design Solstice for quite a while before it finally got away from me.

From Ocean River, we made our way south. We could have taken the more scenic sidewalk route, but we felt our skills have improved enough that we could try the more dangerous parking lot crossing. Fortunately the wind wasn't blowing hard and the pavement is usually calm this time of year.

We made our way to Mountain Equipment Co-op. Once inside, conditions were very dangerous but we escaped with both ourselves and our wallets intact.

From there, we headed straight north to Pacifica Paddlesports (this is known as the Great Circle Route). Again, it was another close call, but our bank accounts survived.

Trip length: 2.42 km
Average speed: .9 kmh

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