Thursday, March 06, 2008

Eight Uses for Plastic Bottles

Hah! Louise mentioned that Ocean River Sports had a list of eight other uses for a plastic water bottle. Other uses, that is, other than drinking from them.
Apparently those Lexan and Nalgene and other brands of plastic bottles aren't as spiffy as used to be believed, and there is the possiblility of complex, evil molecules like phthalates and bisphenols teabagging into our drinking water.
Well, I for one have a slim steel Thermos that I now use much of the time, but I will continue to use two slim plastic bottles occasionally. I'll put only water (no acidic drinks) in them, and I'll fill them the day I drink from them, not letting the water sit for hours or days.
In the meantime, I copied the list of eight other uses for a plastic water bottle at Ocean River Sports yesterday. It's slightly paraphrased (I was in a hurry and without my glasses).

1. Keep your valuables dry when kayaking or camping.
2. Store dry food.
3. Pack a safety kit or emergency kit.
4. Hold rope in a confined space.
5. Stow firestarter.
6. Hold your kayak repair kit, which may have resins you don't want to leak on other gear.
7. Pack a time capsule and bury it in the yard . Don't forget to mark the spot!
8. Use it for a pee bottle when mountaineering. (Not a drinking bottle after that!)

Great list, eh? Now all my wide-mouth bottles have other potential uses. And most of them will be usable as a water bottle afterwards if needed in a pinch.

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