Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thetis Lake

We weren't sure about the weather today. Like Friday, it was going to be unsettled today. But there was supposed to be a window of a few hours between rain showers, so we made a quick trip for a paddle on Thetis Lake. (We heard later that it was quite stormy off our regular haunt at Cadboro Bay. Apparently, rescue boats were pulling people out of Baynes Channel, so it looks like we made a good decision to hit the lake instead.)

It was Louise, Paula, Alison, Richard and myself on the water today. It was quite the little traffic jam.

We paddled by this pair of geese. The geese were acting strange today. A few minutes after we passed these two, a third goose flew by and these two starting chasing him. In fact, they practically forced him down on the lake. And they did it two or three more times during the paddle. Suddenly there would be some ungodly loud goose-honking and the geese would fly by and one of them would get forced down into the lake. We assume it was a territorial struggle of some sort, and the geese were taking it very seriously.

A few minutes later, we had a serious emergency as Paula found a spider crawling on her kayak. Luckily, Paula did not panic too much, and she was able to put the spider ashore.

A peaceful paddle on a quiet lake. Too bad it had to end.

Trip length: 5.5km.

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