Tuesday, March 04, 2008

16/100 - 04 March 2008

Short paddle out of Cadboro Bay around to Telegraph cove. Ended up cutting the paddle short because of a panic attack off Telegraph Cove. I think it was a combination of factors; a cup of coffee from Starbucks this morning (it was close, but it is 3X the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee. Are they taking a page from the tobacco company’s playbook and altering the natural levels of the addictive substance in their product?), not enough food over the last 36 hours (still not feeling well from whatever’s been eating at me…), constricted breathing (the combo of wetsuit, skirt, and PFD makes it a bit difficult to breathe–okay, the extra few pounds I’ve added since last summer doesn’t help), and elevated heart rate (the wind and swells had picked up, so I was paddling harder). So all in all, my body tripped over into a panic attack. Oh well, there’s two nice looking days coming up, so maybe i’ll get nearly back on schedule this week.
It’s frustrating, because the boat needs work: sanding and re-painting, some work on the cockpit, including a better back support, the seat, side pads, and thigh pads need to be glued or re-glued, the fine ends of the boat take a beating, so now the bow needs re-glassing to repair some damage, the list does go on. As well there is the issue of another boat to finish, and the conversion kit to make the two of them a sailing catamaran needs to be explored. The days that are good for doing the work are also days that are nice for being on the water. I’ll have to sacrifice some paddling to do the work.

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