Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday Paddle

Was pretty straightforward, really. Left the beach at Cadboro Bay on a heading of 150° and returned on 330°. Ran straight out to the first of the Chain Islets, said hello to the dozen seals parked on it, and came straight back. 8.3 kilometres, average speed 3.5 knots or 6.6 km/hr. Nice steady 75 minute workout.
Perfect weather--slight breeze on the way back cooled me just enough that I could keep my hat on. Had to keep taking it off on the way out to cool off.

Coming back, dark was falling. the light flashing on my stern that had seemed so meaningless on the way out was pretty much necessary on the way back. And, in a big difference from the summer, I only saw one other boat. The water was quiet in pretty much every sense of the word. Even down to the motion-blurred lights reflecting on the water as I came back to the beach. Perfect paddle, really.

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