Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Well, I really do have to make one. I’ve been pretty uninvolved with posting anything to the kayaking blog(s) I’m part of, so for the new year, I’m figuring to at least post a note about where I’ve gone and what I’ve done each time I’m on the water. John totaled Kayakyak the other day and noted we’d (collectively, though mostly him), had posted about 111 trips over the last two years. pretty much one paddle a week. I may not be on the water every week, but Alison and I are the only members who’ve done any expedition kayaking. I have some vague plans for the next year for some extended trips–now that I have pretty much all my gear, it makes it so much easier. A full drysuit wouldn’t be out of line but I have lots of other places to put that money. the only essential is a new sleeping pad, now that my $2 Slumberjack has finally sprung a seemingly fatal leak. So trips are in the future–if it wasn’t for the 60 – 90 kilometre winds around here, I’d already be camping on Discovery or D’Arcy Island tonight.
This is the path I paddled December 13th from Cadboro Bay out to the Chain Islets (or at least one of them). On the lower right is Discovery Island. While it’s in my own backyard and I’ve made multiple trips out to it to explore, I’ve never actually camped on it. D’Arcy, ~20 km north, is not much different in size, but I camped there last September.
And finally, a photo John Herbert took of me off some beach or other in the last year or so.
I converted it to b&w and simplified it a lot ’cause it looks kind of neat, and I was trying to generate some kayaking clipart.

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