Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brown Trousers Time

If it's Sunday, it must be time for another wind storm.
It's a pretty wild day on the water today. I drove by Willows Beach earlier and what is normally a flat and calm bay is today a raging body of water with four-foot waves crashing on the beach almost up to the road. Not even Bernie would venture out today.

Here's a cool picture. According to, researchers from Africa Geogrphic used kayaks as a shark observation platform.


  1. Yeah today was uncomfortable to even walk into the wind. The waves were going full steam at about noon, crashing up on the breakwater all the way up and over the top ( and I forgot my camera :/ ).
    That shark picture's really well done - I think brown trousers is a bit of an understatement. heh.
    For some sweet side news to make your work week a little better, check out the harrowing journey of these guys going across the Tasman sea in a non-traditional double kayak. Crossing the Ditch

    Today was the first big day's progress for a while, as they got caught in a mammoth vortex.


  2. There's more of the story behind this photo at the Daily Mail website: