Sunday, December 23, 2007

Simple Sunday Paddle

Just a short paddle today--sneaking some time in between weather fronts. Made it out to the southern-most opening of Cadboro Bay, then defaulted on my original plan of going out to the Chain Islets again, and instead went northeast to jemmy Jones. then back to Flower where I met up with Paula--who was paddling her dragonfly--and back to the beach in the rain. Took as long to set up for paddling as the paddling took. but good to get out on the water again.

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  1. Merry Christmas, you guys! Thanks for running such a fun blog. I'm looking forward to all the stories and pics next year! Only a few more months of vicarious living left :)

    I went out yestarday out by clover point and it was so windy I could barely breathe. Today it just set into it's normal quiet and raining mode.

    I love the post above with the shark caption. If you or your readers need any background on the internet goofiness - the original pic is here.