Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cordova Bay

I don't know why this day is called Sunday. It makes no sense -- every week, the last day of the weekend comes around and there's no sun. Calling it "Sunday" seems to be a great mistake. It should be called "Cloud Day" or "Dark Day" or "Rain Day." Maybe it should be called "Gloom Day" -- no, that's better suited for Monday.
Anyway, another unsunny Sunday greeted us as we put in to paddle at a new launching point for us, Cordova Bay. The launch was at the end of a steep path, and with the low tide and the sand bar, it was a long way to the water.
This is not on our list of favourite future launch points.

It was Louise, Alison, Dennis, Paula and myself today. Bernie begged off -- something about getting a free hang glider.....

There wasn't much in the way of sea life today, at least at first. Dennis was out in his new Advanced Elements 13' foot inflatable kayak, and his new carbon fiber paddle. It's a shame that Dennis had an accident on this trip. Strangely, although his body was never found, all his new gear was recovered intact....
But seriously, Dennis really likes his new boat. And if he gets into the trouble on the water, rescuers can be told to look for the giant inflatable banana. It should be easy to spot.

See what I mean?

We paddled south towards Mount Douglas Park.

Here we pass Cormorant Point, so named for the complete and utter lack of cormorants adorning it. Undoubtedly it was named by the same guy who came up with "Sunday."
Around the Rock

We passed a small island and turned around. That's when Louise started calling out. "Hey! Hey guys! There's something under my boat!" We had just been watching some of Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" programs and no doubt this was going through her mind as some sort of sneaky shadowy shape slowly slipped stealthily under her boat.
"Shark Week" crossed my mind too, and I whipped my camera out! I wonder what they'd pay for pictures of a shark attacking a kayak?

The shadowy shape turned out to be a baby seal that took an interest in Louise and her kayak. We didn't see mommy seal anywhere, much to Louise's relief, as mommy would probably not be pleased that Junior was hanging out so close to humans.
Louise reports:
"We went around the point and into a bit of a bay with lovely houses. As we paddled by the point a couple told us they had just seen a young seal swim away.
We reached a little formation of rocks and started to turn around, I was a bit a head of Allison and Dennis with John and Paula still coming along to turn around. I looked down into the water and saw this strange "rock". It wasn't a rock at all! The next thing I knew a seal pup was beside my boat and I was looking down into its eyes. It swam under the kayak and came up on the other side, swam around to the back and then came along side me again. This time it barked at me and stayed for a few minutes. By this time everyone else had caught up to me and it swam behind Allison's kayak for a bit, then came back to me, but upon realizing there were a lot more people it swam off. I only hope it has found its mother as we couldn't see any other seals around.
John tried several times to get a photo of it as it was around my kayak for some time. He thought he hadn't captured it but in fact he had!!"

Baby Seal
It moved off after a few minutes. Hopefully Junior and Mom got together again.

We returned past Non-Cormorant Point.

Dennis was waaaaay too relaxed in his new boat.
Relaxed to the Max

As we loaded up the kayaks, I spotted a deer across the road.

The End!

John's photos are here.

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