Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tuesday Evening

..was a lovely evening for a paddle. So Paula, Dennis , and I headed out from Cadboro Bay to Cattle Point. Not just for the joy of the paddle, but Dennis wanted to test drive his new 4 metre Advanced Elements Expedition...and I wanted a somewhat longer test paddle of my now-floating Cape Charles.
Okay, mine doesn't look like that one from the CLC Boats website, being as mine is bright yellow, among other differences, but there you go.
Once out at Cattle Point, Paula headed back to the entrance to Cadboro Bay, while Dennis and I headed out to the lighthouse between Cattle Point and Great Chain in order to try our boats in currents and in the wakes of passing ships--just to see how they handled it all. And both boats passed with flying colours. Well, colour, as both boats are yellow....
Then it was back in to meet Paula and head back to the beach. About an hour or so on a lovely quiet evening that left my butt very soar from sitting on an unpadded seat. Lessons learned? Well, Dennis discovered that he needs to be a bit more careful during setup while installing the keel bar in his Expedition (it was slightly askew, leaving his boat to pull to the right during the paddle), and I really need to work on the seating in the Cape Charles. And maybe I should paddle it with a lot of gear in it....

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