Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saanich Plaza Tim Horton's Paddle

Another terrific day for paddling! There was no wind or rain at all. Nothing! We were going to be able to paddle for hours under this glorious sunshine!

Today's paddle was going to be a little different. Instead of meeting up in one spot and then going for a kayaking paddle together, we decided to start in different places and end up in one spot. It was a dangerous idea that required split second timing. If we missed our rendezvous, we could could become stranded or lost entirely

Fortunately, we were well-provisioned.

It all worked out okay and we met up safe and sound.

I shared a drink with a new friend that I made. Maybe he'll come paddling next week with his family.

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  1. Wow! Now I'm not so sad that I wasn't able to join you guys :) My kayak hatch cover has now been replaced, so perhaps the next sunny paddle I can come along.

    Love the blog! The photos are great - very inspiring!