Thursday, July 05, 2007

Let's Be Careful Out There

A kayaker has drowned off the north Island.
He ventured out in conditions which were rough enough to cause all the local tour companies to cancel their kayaking trips.


  1. Yeah, when I heard the news report Bernie and I went right to the phone to tell relatives in Edmonton it wasn't Bernie! The guy was the same age and there's a bay here called Telegraph also.
    Sorry to hear he's dead.
    Geez, weather conditions matter, people! Let's be safe out there.

  2. Let's keep a little perspective: Outfitter's deal with insurance companies and beginner kayakers, so "better safe than sorry" is a mantra with them. The guy's partner made the paddle across the channel--although he left his partner behind. So obviously he wasn't all that well trained, and the dead guy clearly wasn't either. Had they ever done any recovery practice? I strongly doubt it. I do suspect that this was naivete meeting intermediate paddling conditions. And, like gravity, the ocean usually wins.