Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Dump

From the folks at Boat Body Blade comes this interesting way to empty your kayak of water once you've scrambled in or re-entered and rolled after you've gone swimming. Mind you, you do need a willing partner, but it is a quick way to empty your boat. And I wonder if it might be a good way to help teach rolling...?
Check out the video below:

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  1. That's... brilliant!
    Years ago, I learned to drain a canoe this way -- but empty of people! And Bernie & John were taught to drain a kayak this way BEFORE re-entry. But of course, for Leon and Shawna who have bomb-proof rolls, it only makes sense. Get into the kayak while it's stable because the cockpit has a lot a water. Then put your bow across your partner's bow and tip upside-down for three seconds to drain out much of the water. Roll up and voila! Easy as pie.
    I'm glad to note that Leon says to assist the person rolling, because I still don't have a reliable roll...