Monday, February 17, 2014

Secret Beaches review

There's another series of books that make for great armchair kayaking! These ones also are good for planning your trips to the beach. All kinds of weather -- doesn't matter. These books outline what the beaches are like in various kinds of weather or levels of the tide, when appropriate. You're golden.

Well, you are if you're on Vancouver Island. Canada's Big Island has so many pocket beaches along its east shore, or road access points to the shoreline, that there's not one but three guides in the Secret Beaches series by Theo Dombrowski, from Heritage House Books. There's Secret Beaches of Central Vancouver Island: Campbell River to Qualicum, which I have been poring over for the last week. I have the public library's copy, and you can't get it till I'm done with it in a couple more days! There's Secret Beaches of Southern Vancouver Island: Qualicum to the Malahat. Residents of Victoria will make more use of Secret Beaches of Greater Victoria: View Royal to Sidney, for many of these profiled beaches can be reached by transit bus... no driving required, unless you're bringing kayaks!

I won't rave too much here -- I'll leave that to another reviewer's gushing. For every beach, there's not only a sketch map of access roads, but a photograph taken at the site and usually one of the author's evocative paintings as well. These books are impressive.
Look here for tips on where to set up your easel for a little painting en plein air, where to take toddlers or children who'll want to wade and run, and where to impress visiting relatives, or a dozen other suggested activities. And best of all: Dombrowski understands the needs of kayakers for a good launch! He notes the best beaches for kayaks and canoes.

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