Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Not So Gentle Reminder

Yesterday, a man fell into The Gorge not far from our usual launching point. He was pulled from the water, but did not survive. How the man fell into the water is a bit of a mystery at this point, but it is suggested that a group of people were drinking on a dock when the incident occured.
We've paddled that very spot dozens of times, and during one paddle Bernie twice went over into the water at the exact same spot as this incident and at the same time of year. Bernie, of course, was dressed to get wet: wet suit, gloves, boots and paddling jacket. So let this be a not-so-gentle reminder to be aware of conditions, remember to consider the water temperature in your planning, and dress for immersion.

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  1. Absolutely! There's a whole lot of things in the world that we can't change, but personal safety on the water is one we can change. As John says -- be aware of conditions! Consider water temperature as well as air temperature! Dress for immersion!
    Bernie's dunking was not life-threatening because he (and his paddle group) were prepared. Two young men dunking later that same day were in great danger because they were in jeans and hoodies. And now there's been someone die at that same little dock below the Gorge Narrows where we rounded up Bernie's floating sneakers after his dunking. Alas.