Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pool Noodles Rule!

We've written here on the blog before about pool noodles, and the many ways that paddlers can use them. My most recent use of a pool noodle was to cut it into four pieces and slit 'em from the outside into the hollow centre: this made pads for the bars in my outdoor kayak rack, that I assembled out of scrap wood from a construction site. Alas, this rack did not make the move away from the Beach House... but I have been assured by Bernie that he will construct another rack in the future.
Another use for pool noodles has surfaced in Winnipeg. Turns out that an artist is using them to make big poofy warming huts... check out the photos here. Nice to see that the streams of summer get so much use in winter that warming huts are being built!

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