Friday, June 21, 2013

High Water in High River, AB and elsewhere

Weather reports are making it clear that pretty much all the streams and rivers in the Kootenays and in Southern Alberta are swollen with rain. Be careful, people! For the next few days, it's going to be really dangerous to kayak on streams and rivers that were previously safe for paddling. And even though the floodwater around houses and streets might not be roaring and rushing, in some places this water is really dirty.
CBC Radio had a brief interview this afternoon with freelance photographer Jordan Verlage who took an amazing series of photos in High River, showing Kevan Yeats escaping from a pick-up truck's rear window with his cat Momo. Here's the CBC's link to the photos, which are available at many other sites. Cutting to the chase, the photographer confirmed that there were volunteers who held onto the pick-up truck for as long as they could, and who helped the cat and man as soon as they got to shore. And the cat got to shore first, the photographer was relieved to say.

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