Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beaver Lake again!

It's been a while since I last took a kayak to Beaver Lake or Elk Lake. This kind-of hourglass-shaped lake is a sheltered place to paddle, and it's pretty popular in summer. That makes it a good winter paddle for our group. The other times I come here is on days that I'm volunteering as a naturalist in the Nature Centre. It's nice to show up early with a little inflatable and spend an hour noodling around the lake before opening the Nature Centre.
Today I saw more boats on the lake than ducks -- and that counts the mallard with her nine fuzzy baby ducklings. There were sit-on-top kayaks, Pelicans, a couple of canoes, and some short recreational kayaks, all buzzing around the lake. Most fun of all was seeing a truck in the parking lot with the back full of boat -- two short rec kayaks pointing backwards and one sea kayak pointing forward to the sky over the truck cab.
So it was definitely summer at Beaver Lake: lots of boats, people picnicking, and other people running through the beach area on the jogging trail. Also, the water was green with a bit of an algae bloom.
Before going on the lake, I sent a SPOT ok message while talking about my gear with a jogger. It was a good day! And the Nature Centre has a new exhibit... a river otter, stuffed and mounted. Nice to get a close-up look at an otter.

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