Sunday, April 14, 2013

Never Know What You'll See When You Go For A Walk

Pop quiz! What's this?
IMG_8409 copy
There's no prize, and you'll probably figure it by the end of the post. And no, it's not the zero-g toilet from a Soviet-era space capsule, as someone suggested.

Louise and I went for walk along The Gorge this weekend. We were too busy to go kayaking, as we have been a lot so far this year. Some kayakers we are.
But at least we were walking along our local kayaking route, so there was that.
And we saw some of the usual things we see while kayaking along here: herons...
IMG_8380 copy
...and swans.

Then we saw something that you don't want to see as a kayaker, namely a large chunk of the Saanich Fire Department stopping at a small beach with their rescue boat.
Fortunately, there was no emergency, only an equipment check-out and practice session.
A little push...
...and the rescue boat was in the water...
...while the "victims" prepared themselves...
IMG_8462 be rescued.

The swans were not perturbed.
IMG_8508 copy

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