Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Epic Journey!

Justine Curgenven has been talking about the epic journey being made by her friend, Sarah Outen. A word to the wise: when Justine Curgenven starts saying that someone is doing an "amazing journey" -- word up, folks, this is one amazing journey. Justine knows amazing.
Photo by Buntari Martosudjiro, shown by Justine Curgenven on Facebook
 The current leg of Sarah Outen's journey is a solo crossing of the Pacific in a rowboat. This ambitious crossing can be read about at Sarah Outen's website. It's only one leg of her planned human-powered trip around the world, on a route never done before, from London back to London as she bicycles, kayaks, and rows around the world. This photo was taken by a friend of hers near Choshi-shi, Chiba, standing on a breakwater as Sarah Outen launched on her Pacific crossing.

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